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About Vet Med Recruiters, LLC:

There are many recruiting resources out there, but there aren't very many who will provide "retain" search services as a contingent firm.  We:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of your unique facility, unique needs and truly act as a consultant, not just a "recruiter" or "agency". 
  • Work with you on developing a fee arrangement that is highly competitive and fair for both parties, based on the nature of the search, the difficulty and the time involved.
  • Provide continuous updates on the status of the search, as well as candidates interviewed, candidates who have/have not met the requirements you are seeking, etc.
  • Do not charge you for anything unless you hire a candidate that we present to you.  There is no fee at all for the selection and interview process, only the end result. 
  • Please take a look at our testimonials (at right) for our kudos!!!

We are real people and entered this business because we enjoy helping people find the right people for their businesses and finding the right opportunities for candidates.  We never lose sight of this and that helps us to provide excellent service to our clients and candidates - we always put ourselves in others' shoes.

We would welcome the opportunity to work with you and help you out today, whether you are a company seeking a great individual, or an individual seeking a great place to work.

Please contact us today!!!  info@vetmedrecruiters.com


A Few of Our Testimonials:
"Nate Cockle has been a consistent and reliable recruiting source for my needs for the past several years that I have been using his services.  He has shown the ability to fill even the most difficult positions through his extensive network and dedicated approach.  I have always been pleased with the effort and personal attention given to my individual recruiting needs."

         - Dr. Steven Sheehy

"Nate Cockle has provided excellent service and results as a recruiter for my openings.  I find that the ability to fill openings quickly has been a big boon to my business and Nate's services have provided consistent, timely results.  Nate also helps me keep on top of the process of communicating with the applicants so both the applicant and I feel confident.  I would strongly recommend Nate Cockle to help fill your open positions."

          - Dr. Eric Goff